Traffic: Free or Paid. What to choose?

Once you determine what topic or subject your blog will cover, and you have made a few posts, you will need to start getting readers to your site. Most likely, you will have a few friends and relatives who will be more than willing to read and support your newest endeavor, but this will not take you blog to its highest potential. Instead, you need to get people to check out your blog who do not even know who you are as of yet. As a result, you are going to need to decide if you want to have paid or free traffic or a combination of both. Each of these have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Paid Traffic

In regards to paid traffic, you have numerous ways to recruit traffic. The first way is to buy advertising through one of the various search engines, such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. Google ads are some of the more popular ones because more people are using Google than other search engines. However, you might find that the amount charged for each time someone clicks on your blog’s ad will be a lesser amount on search engines other than Google. Another form of paid traffic is through social network advertising, such as Facebook ads. These can be good for some blogs because the advertisements will be targeted to Facebook users who have somehow expressed interest in the topic you are writing about. The only downside is that just because someone “likes” baseball on Facebook does not mean they will necessarily click on the ad for your baseball blog. Paid traffic is great if you are looking to build up your page’s views as quickly as possible, but you need to plan on spending quite a bit of money before you establish any consistency, so please consider your budget first.

Free Traffic

Free traffic is another option you have. With this option, your potential viewers count will revolve more around how smart you are when it comes to networking and selling people on why they should help you. One form of free traffic is networking with other website and blog owners and asking them if you can link each other’s site off the other’s site. However, you need to be linking to sites that are more established than yours. You are the one who will get the biggest deal out of this, so you have to convince the established site’s owner about why they should help you. The other primary form of free traffic is having a firm grasp of keywords. If you can find keywords that are frequently searched, have low competition and do not hinder the quality of your blog, you can take off big time.

Once you have content on your site, you need to start recruiting viewers. However, in order to get viewers, you will need to either find paid traffic or free traffic. Paid traffic will be the quicker and more expensive route, and free traffic will take a little longer but has no associated costs.

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