Things that can kill your blog

When done correctly, you can have a lot of fun running a blog, and you can certainly make quite a bit of money depending upon how smart you work at it. However, many of you likely find that you are a little lost in regards to how to make your blog receive more traffic than your competitors. The truth is that there are several different ways to make a blog successful, but there are even more ways to make a blog fail, and sadly blogs that fail are often the result of doing more work than necessary. Four of the things that are almost guaranteed to kill any blog are irregular posts, copied content, lack of personal interaction and linking failures.

Irregular Posts

People become fans of a blog for one reason, which is to learn something new on a regular basis. If your readers continue coming to your blog only to discover that you have only posted one update per month, they will not have any reason to keep coming back. This would be like reading the same story in a newspaper every day for a month, which would not make any sense.

Copied Content

While it may seem like a quick way to get a lot of content on your site, you should never copy content either directly from another site or only make a few changes to where it still looks like information that readers have already seen. The odds of blog readers reading nearly every blog that ranks high on the web for a certain subject is a lot higher than you think, and you will almost certainly get caught trying to use copied content. Search engines will also catch copied content, and they will punish your blog by throwing it out of the system because of doing so.

Lack of Personal Interaction

In addition to visiting your blog to learn something new, people also want to feel a connection to others, so you need to make them feel like a friend and not just a customer. One good idea would be for you to have a comment section for each blog post. Ideally, you should get involved by responding to the comments your readers leave. You should also take advantage of other personal interaction opportunities, such as creating an email list where you would send people updates about your blog and additional information not found on your blog.

Linking Failures

Linking failures are one of the other most common ways to devastate your blog. This can refer to readers trying to find one of your old posts to read in order to refresh their memory only to discover that you do not have any links to previous posts. Another way linking failure can occur is when you have old posts linked, but the links do not work when readers click on them.

Assuming that you have a passion for your blog topic, and you do not have a problem with hard work, there really is not a right or wrong way to work towards success. However, there are several things you can do that will certainly kill the chance of your blog being successful. You now know that you need to avoid making irregular posts, using copied content, having a lack of personal interaction and linking failures, so by simply eliminating these, your chances of success over time should be fairly good.

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