Starting a blog and making money online

Finding out how to make money with a blog sounds like an overwhelming task. There are many websites that claim to provide tips on helping you get started but there are too many gaps that keep you guessing. Making money blogging is not the easiest thing to do if you are not taught the steps properly. The last thing you would want is to spend all of your time attempting to make a profitable blog only to end up with nothing to show for it.

This seems to be a common problem with countless individuals that are looking to make a decent living online. Many of them are taught the incorrect steps or “blackhat” methods that result in a various amount of penalties. Having to go through with recovering from a penalty can make it seem almost impossible that you are ever going to make money. If you are going to learn how to setup a blog then you need to make sure you learn the correct way.

How Do I Start A Blog?

Before you begin looking for a blog name you need to think of what type of blog this is going to be. You need to decide what your niche is. This is one of the biggest hurdles for many marketers that have no idea how to do proper keyword research. If you go after something to difficult your blog may never get traffic. If you go after something too easy you might not get enough traffic. It is very hard for many marketers to find their “happy medium”.

In order for you to properly research a niche to go after you need to look over a few things. You will need to look over the searched traffic for the keywords that you might think up. Be sure to use Google’s Keyword Tool and set your match types on the left hand side to show “Exact” searches only. You need to know the exact amount of monthly traffic the keyword you are going after is getting so you know if it is worth going after.

How To Setup A Blog

Once you get a rough list of keywords that you feel have adequate traffic then you need to check the competition for each keyword to determine how difficult it would be to have your site appear on the first page for your searched term. You can use free plugin for Firefox called SEOquake that can give you a breakdown of the backlinks for each site on the first page along with the pagerank for each domain. Each site has a pagerank (pr) ranging from n/a to pr9 based on how authoritative they are.

If the research process seems a bit to complicated to do visually then you should consider automated research tools that can take out all of the guesswork and just give you a yes or no answer if the keyword you are wanting to rank for is possible to rank your website for. Automated tools are very popular for many marketers due to the simplicity and how much time they save from going through hundreds of sites manually.

How To Start Making Money Blogging

Once you decide what niche and keyword you are going to go after you then have to decide how you are going to monetize your web traffic. You can signup and place ads on your site from Google Adsense. You are paid when someone clicks on your sponsored ads. Google will send you a check at the end of the month for the earnings that you accrued the month prior.

You can also consider getting paid for leads. This is called cpa marketing (cost per action) and you are paid for each lead that is generated based on the traffic you bring in. You can search for thousands of offers through Offervault. You can then apply to the network hosting the offer and get paid through them. Be sure to check reviews on the network before sending your traffic.

How To Build Traffic To Your Blog

Now that you have everything setup now you need to get traffic to your blog for the keywords that you want to target. Getting natural traffic through search engines is called SEO (search engine optimization) and requires that your site is properly optimized for the keywords you are going to rank for. Make sure you maintain a 1% keyword density and utilize h1,h2,h3 tags within the articles of your page and mention the keywords in said tags.

You will need to then create backlinks from other sites and link to your site hyper linking the keywords you are wanting to rank for. Many marketers opt on automating their link building tasks for efficiency and to conserve time. When building links make sure that you vary your anchor texts to ensure you are do not get a penalty and never overbuild on your links. Doing these mistakes could yield a penalty and lower your ranks in the search engines.

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