Paris is a big business destination and I was often sent there for meetings. Usually, the hotel would be paid for by the company and I’d be given a small budget for food so I was never out of pocket! However when I started travelling to Paris on my own behalf I realised how bloody expensive it can be. I’ve started to figure out ways of saving money though! So below you’ll find my list of how you can save cash on your trip to Paris.


There are plenty of cheap hotels and deals out there if you look hard enough.

Personally, I’d get myself a nice hotel and save on other parts of my holiday. I want a place that I can be comfortable in and makes me feel like I’m home. Perhaps I’m snobby but I’d at least go for a three star. However, that being said there are some really great affordable hotels in Paris.

Heres some of my favourites:

  • Hotel du Nord
  • Hotel ibis budget Paris La Villette
  • Hotel Audran Paris

I’d also take into consideration where you’re going in Paris. If you’re going for a conference or going to see specific landmarks it will be more practical to get a hotel near there. Check out this blog on hotels near palis de congres!

However, if you’re not too bothered about commuting it might actually be cheaper to save money by staying a bit further out.

Eating and drinking

Think twice before tipping

Look theres no reason you should leave 15-20% of your bill. A couple of euros should be enough and if its not then don’t even bother tipping! Just make sure when you look at your bill that a service charge hasn’t been included.

The breakfast at your hotel will most likely be underwhelming and most likely be pretty expensive. I tend to find going out and looking for local cafes will end up in me finding a much tastier and cheaper meal. Oh and if you’re in a cafe or bar you’ll be charged extra for sitting near the window!

Getting around

If you’re coming from somewhere like the US you’ll generally land in Charles de Gaulle airport. Most long haul flights fly into CDG. Take the bus from CDG as its the cheapest option. It might take a bit longer but it’ll only cost you around €12.50 per person. There are busses that are a bit more expensive, so be careful and avoid them.

Many people take taxis from the airport but you’re looking at around €50-70 for this! Theres also an extra charge if you travel during morning rush hours or on sundays/holidays.

When it comes to taxis never take them on a short distance. The standard fare price is €7 so even if you’re just going around the corner you’re going to be charged €7.

Sights & Attractions

Paris is well known for its beautiful sights and amazing attractions. If you’re going to visit the biggest landmark of all (The Eiffel Tower) you’ll save money by walking up to the second level and buying your ticket there.

If you’re off to “Saving at the Musée d’Orsay” you can save money if you go after 3:30pm (except on a Thursday). If you head on the first Sunday of the month you’ll get free entry!

You can visit the Notre Dame cathedral for free but if you would like to go up the bell towers it will cost you €10. I recommend going early to avoid the crowd and if you are planning on paying the admission fee to walk 387 steps to the bell towers arrive early!




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