Building a home office

Where to Locate Your Office in the Home?

Why exactly do you need a home office? is it to have a spot to answer some emails, is it to cut the office expenses? is it just to have a place to relax at home and work in peace? Either way, moving your office to your house will save you a lot of money. You’ll not need to pay rent for an office! you’ll actually be able to claim tax on the portion of the house that you now use as an office! Oh and guess what you’re now in walking distance to your office so there’s no need for transport every morning and night!

If you’ll be working from home then honestly a dedicated place in your house is a must! Ideally, you’re wanting a place that’s out of sight of the main distractions and a place that’s quiet. You don’t want to be bothered while your working. I recommend places like the garage or basement.

What Can You Do Yourself?

If you can do it yourself you can save you money! Your home office space is most likely not going to be huge! Add a nice fresh coat on to the walls to make the room feel nice and new.

What Do You Already Have?

If you can use items you already own it will save you a lot of money. Do you have a comfortable chair in the guest room? do you have a lamp in the cupboard you don’t use? Have a look around and see what you can bring to your new office.

Shop Around for Bargains

You’ll be shocked to see what you can find at thrift stores, charity shops and even just shop about at places like Ikea! That goes for furniture too! be willing to take used furniture and renovate them. You could buy an old wooden desk that’s in okay shape and sand it down and maybe gift it a fresh coat of paint. Check out Gazelle Office for used desks and chairs.

Since you’re now working from home you can make the place yours! Make it comfortable just for you and no one else. Bring in artwork that inspires you. You could have plants in the corner or on your desk. You can choose lighting that suits you too and play the music you enjoy!


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