Best Practices to Fail Blogging

Blogging in itself should be a fairly straightforward concept in that you can pick something you are passionate about and do not mind researching and talking to others about. However, many bloggers have failed before they even started writing anything on their blog because of their attitude and level of arrogance. If you want your blog to be a massive failure, we have compiled a list of four steps that will make the process go extremely fast.

Poor Time Management

The first thing you will want to do is to utilize the worst possible time management. This means that you should just randomly make posts without putting any thought into it. You should also sleep in as late as possible and be sure to make plenty of excuses regarding why you will just wait until tomorrow, and then the next day and so on, to make the post you should be posting right now.

Believe Your Opinion is not Demanded

It is also important for you to come off like people do not believe in you. By doing so, they will be able to tell that you do not have any confidence in your abilities as a blogger, so they will exit out of your site and go visit that of your competitors. And, guess what? They were likely going to help you increase your paycheck this month by either clicking on an advertisement on your site or buying a product from one of the affiliates you have a banner ad for.

Do Not Research Anything You Post

Another great way to make your blog fail is to come off like you know everything there is to know and that research is only for people like the ones currently reading your blog. This will make the readers feel extremely low about themselves in wondering why you have such extensive knowledge on the subject, and they do not know anything. They want to feel like you are like them, but that you have just done a little more homework to explain the concept in a slightly different way than they have read elsewhere.

Give Your Posts an Arrogant Feel

Finally, you cannot forget to make your readers feel like they are complete idiots by acting like you know about everything. It is important for you to talk about how you have never failed with anything in your life and how you are the cream of the crop in the industry you are blogging about. This works extremely well if people are unable to find your name with a simple search on their preferred search engine as we all know that anyone with fame will have their name plastered all over search engines.

Hopefully, you found a little humor in this post and are actually able to avoid using these four tactics that will ensure the failure of a blog. Now, get out there and share your opinions, but be sure that you are backing your facts with things, such as quotes and statistics and that you have a positive outlook.

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